What college has taught me.

October 28, 2008

College has taught me alot of things and I havent been here for a whole semester yet. It is make me a more respectable and responsible man. The work in college is not that hard. It is all about you as a person and how you present yourself when the challange comes. As long as you study hard you will get good grades and it will reflect the person you are. I enjoy being here and I look foward to being here for the next four years. Of course it is a little challanging but you will get use to it and make it work. Thats what I had to do and it is working. The only thing about college is every teacher has their own way of teaching or making things known in class. For instance in one of my classes I do not learn anything all she does is talk all day in class about little or nothing. That is one of the main obstacles I face in college. I try to have a strong bond with all my teachers but it just doest work like that. Well as I progress and get better at what I am doing I guess I will not need a teacher.


Blog 4

October 28, 2008

I would tell incoming freshmen that college is pretty much easy it all of what you make of it. If u handle your business in the class room and study as well as do homework then you are set. The project oral history is important because it teaches us something about what she has been through or going through. She can tell us all the things that have went on during the time she stayed here in New Orleans. The information that she may give us may be useful for us towards life. She may tell us the successful things she have done and how she went about doing it. It is important for us to interview her because we want to see what her points are about life and Xavier. We will like the see what life was like when she was growing up.

The Interview

October 1, 2008

I think we will keep all things in mind as we interview our person. We have to consider what they life is like and how the appreciate doing it. My group is going to ask all kinds of question like where she is from and why she chose the career she chose. We are going to ask her what school she went to and how it changed her life as she grew up in the world. When we are interviewing the lady we have to make sure we have good manner and approach her with respect. We are going to ask her if she has and children and if she is married. We will ask her how is it to be an librarian. By doing all of these thing we can have a successful interview without insulting her in any shape form or fashion. Asking her what does she like to do for fun and do she love the job that she does everyday. We would want to know what is a typical day like as a librarian. Ask her about her childhood stories and stuff like that. My group is on a mission and we are going to make sure that everything goes right. On top of that we are going to introduce ourshelves to her and telll her some of our life story and why we chose this great institute to come and get out education. With all of these thing everyting should be alright and we should have the perfect interview.

Blog 2 WNOM v.s. Xavier

September 25, 2008

The questions I think Piazza asked himself is how does thes people live? Why does there culture matter and why does everyone want to visit such a beautiful place? He had no choice but to find out for himself. He said he was once in a party and a guy that was at the party with him always visited New Orleans. So the guy tells him about it and Piazza became more and more amazed. So Pizza proceeded to tell the guy that he cant afford to go to New Orleans. The guy told Piazza that you have to make sacrifaces! So the man started to tell Piazza more and more about the food trying to entice him to just take the risk and go. So Piazza was like he had to find out what this place was about by himself. So he proceeded to find out that the place was a special as everyone said it was. Piazza loved the place and thought that he should move here and enjoy the life style. He fell in love with music and food. Xavier asked itself the question can we become one of the best institutes in the world? How can we be a better Historical Black College than all the rest? So it proceed to focus itself with the medical field. By doing this Xavier is number one in placing African American in to medical schools and landing them successful careers. Xavier goes back to when a lady by the name of St. Kathrine Drexel cared for blacks. She did this because she wasnt racist like the others. She saw it as everyone should have a fair chance at life.

WNOM v.s. Xavier

September 17, 2008

I think they did an ok job of letting me know why New Orleans matter. He talked about how he use to watch it on television and always heard about from his friends. I like the introduction in the Xavier Mission telling the history. The one thing that i didnt like about “Why New Orleans Matter” is that he is really from New Orleans and he really does’t know why it matters. If he was from here then he can say what he really knows about here. He talks good about our food and music because those two are really stand out of New Orleans. The reason I like the Xavier stuff is because it has historical facts about the school and all its history. It talks about how Xavier is one of the best schools in America for as placing African Americans into medical school. Something that really caught my eye in Why New Orleans Matter is how he talked about how we second to funeral because its not really celebrating death. Its celebrating the person who past to a new life with God.

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September 17, 2008

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September 17, 2008

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